About Us

The driving standards agency (DVSA) i.e. the people that will be conducting your driving test recommend that the average number of lessons required to pass the test of practical ability is around 47 hours with a qualified instructor plus up to 20 hours of private practice. This may sound a lot but remember you are requiring a life skill and in order to pass you need to prove to the examiner that you are competent on today’s roads with an understanding of all the elements of the DVSA syllabus. Level Road Driver Training offers the complete package from start to finish. We are not teaching you just to pass the driving test but teaching you safe driving for life.

The Examination is Made up of Two Parts:


Part 1

Theory test (including hazard perception)


Part 2

Driving practical ability test.

We follow the DVSA syllabus in a structured way, each lesson will complete with a reflective log (client centred learning) so you are aware of how you are progressing showing strengths and also areas of improvement which sets the goal for the next session.

It is recorded so both you and your instructor know where in the learning process you are.


On line Theory tuition is available to all customers as part of your driving course.




When you are ready and your instructor is in agreement the driving standard s agency recommend s you book your theory and driving tests through their official booking service on

Driving test theory test fees weekdays are 23.00

Practical driving test fees are 62.00 for weekdays and 75.00 for weekends


All fees are in addition to the fees payable to your driving school for the use of the tuition vehicle before and during the driving test.